Concrete Resurfacing Solutions, Inc.


Real life examples of concrete resurfacing chicago in the manufacturing environmentFlooring in a manufacturing environment must be able to stand up to the roughest conditions. Heavy machinery, forklift and heavy cart traffic, not to mention oil, grease, and possible chemical spills can wreak havoc on sub-standard flooring. Cracks, chips, and slick spots can pose trip and slip hazards that lead to costly liability claims.


We have developed a wide range of ultra durable, oil- and slip-resistant flooring solutions specifically designed for the toughest industrial environments. Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings in ChicagoThese concrete floor coatings stand up to the rigors of the industrial manufacturing environment, plus they are easy to clean and maintain. This in turn helps facility managers maintain a cleaner and safer working environment.

Our flooring solutions are not only practical, but they also allow for the transformation of the industrial facility from the ground up. You can introduce color, texture, and bright signage to highlight work areas and guide employees along designated walkways.

Not only can bright colors and attractive designs help your facility run more efficiently, but it can also keep the workforce feeling energized and uplifted, which helps boost productivity.

High Performance and Decorative industrial concrete floor coatings

  • Polished Concrete in manufacturing environment before and after High strength polymer flooring
  • Variety of decorative options
  • Waterproofing membranes
  • Crack and joint repair materials
  • Polished concrete
  • Decorative concrete stains & dyes
  • Exterior concrete coloring & protection options

Benefits of our industrial floor Systems:

  • Before and after manufacturing by Concrete Resurfacing SolutionsSafe, environmentally friendly options
  • Durable finishes for the most demanding conditions
  • Low maintenance, long-lasting systems
  • Unlimited design capabilities
  • Clean air quality certificates
  • LEED certified processes

No matter what the conditions of your manufacturing environment, you can trust us to provide a high-quality and cost effective solution.