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Your epoxy flooring will look its best when it is clean. By instituting a scheduled cleaning program, the floor will continue to look and perform as it did when it was first installed.

Safety: No matter how aggressive the texture of your floor, if is not cleaned properly, it can present a slip hazard. Emulsifying, rinsing, and drying your epoxy flooring properly will reduce the risk of a slip-and fall-incident.

Service Life: The lifetime of your epoxy flooring will depend upon how well you clean it. In aggressive-use areas (e.g., kitchens and machine shops), contaminants such as oil, dirt, and grease work with water and bacteria to attack your floor.

Epoxy Floor Cleaning Process & Tools

The best way to clean epoxy flooring is to use the recommended cleaning product and follow a six-step process. (Equipment needs vary between small and medium/large floor areas.)

Cleaning Process and Tools by Concrete Resuracing Solutions Chicago

Recommended Cleaning Products

Determining the correct cleaning product for your epoxy flooring is based upon the amount and type of soiling the floor receives. We have divided these into four types, and recommended a cleaning product for each instance:

Recommended Cleaning Products of Concrete Resurfacing Solutions in Chicago

When to Clean Your Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors are designed for and used in heavy traffic areas that typically accumulate foreign matter. Because of this, the recommended maintenance schedule for most areas is once or twice daily cleaning and regular “touch ups” for spills. Less frequent cleaning of these areas results in a buildup of foreign matter, which diminishes the appearance, safety, and service life of the floor.