Concrete Resurfacing Solutions, Inc.


Today’s consumers insist on quality for every aspect of their shopping experience, from product selection to employee interaction to store design. We know that a store design depends greatly on an attractive floor with quality construction to be both aesthetically pleasing and durable, and we pride ourselves on being both.

We offer a wide selection of colors and finishes to allow you to customize to match the store’s overall design scheme, while ensuring that you’re installing a product with the slip resistance and durability to stand up to not only daily foot traffic from customers, but also the night crew of stockers, forklifts, and other heavy machinery. Our systems are quick and easy to install, and can be maintained with a simple daily or weekly maintenance plan.


Concrete Resurfacing Solutions in Chicago provides safe, environmentally friendly grocerty store flooring.Benefits of our Systems

  • Safe, environmentally friendly options
  • Durable finishes for the most demanding conditions
  • Low maintenance, long-lasting systems
  • Unlimited design capabilities
  • Clean air quality certificates
  • LEED certified processes

Retail Areas

Primary retail areas require safe, slip-resistant flooring that wipes up easily after spills, which our resinous floor system delivers. A low-maintenance, durable finish will keep your high traffic areas looking their best for years!


Restroom floors get wet and dirty on an almost constant basis, but they can’t look that way. After all, the cleanliness of the restroom is a reflection on the overall condition of the store. We understand that, which is why our flooring systems feature a wide range of colors and styles to fit any décor.

All parts of grocery stores can benefit from Concrete Resurfacing Solutions' ideas and expertise.Bakeries

What with all the exposure to spilled oils, sugars, are easy to clean, easy to maintain, and available in flour, and water, bakery floors tend to be very slippery and prone to the formation of bacteria that can harm floors without adequate protection. Our products are not only extremely durable and slip-resistant, but they also hold up well under higher temperatures, making them a perfect fit for bakery environments.


The deli is another area of the grocery store where a slip-resistant product is crucial, not to mention a product that makes floors easy to clean and sanitize on a daily basis. Because they lack the hard-to-clean grout lines of tile floors, our designs make an excellent choice.

Meat & Seafood

Meat and seafood departments present unique cleaning challenges: grease, oils, and blood, as well as the use of aggressive cleaning and sanitizing products. These floors are often wet too, so they must provide extra slip-resistance throughout the work day. Our selection of seamless designs offers not only slip-resistance, but also the sanitation and durability that these floors need.

Prepared Foods & Food Prep Areas

Food prep areas require the same slip resistance as other areas of the store, as well as resistance to heat from ovens and fryers, plus grease and oil spills. These are messy areas, so durability and ease of cleaning are a must as well. With no grout lines to get dirty and trap bacteria, our resinous floor systems are the natural choice.