Concrete Resurfacing Solutions, Inc.


High-Performance Floors for Demanding Environments

Polished Concrete is an excellent choice in labs, pharmaceutical and research facilities. Call CRS in the Chicago area!Highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, research, and biotech, require flooring systems that can truly perform even in the most demanding environments. Additionally, these industries rely on a team of professionals dedicated to providing customized, long-term flooring solutions. There is only one polymer flooring installer that understands your business and your processes – and that’s Concrete Resurfacing Solutions.

  • Vast experience complimented with an extensive reference list
  • Complete product line to meet your stringent demands
  • VOC-compliant systems
  • Superior UV stability for long-term color and clarity retention
  • Superb chemical, mechanical, and thermal resistance


The Right Solutions…

We offer a wide array of resin chemistries to protect your most demanding environments. Fast-cure systems, high-solid epoxies, epoxy vapor emission mitigation systems, and heavy-wear-resistant, thin-mil urethane coatings are a few examples of our system solutions. Methyl methacrylate, cementitious urethane mortars, and polyaspartic chemistries are the building blocks of our product solutions.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Dirt, grease, and liquids cannot penetrate our nonporous and resin-rich concrete flooring systems. Any dirt, spills, or other impurities remain on the surface and are easily removed by common cleaning procedures. Since our systems never require stripping or waxing, cleaning and maintenance costs are drastically reduced.

Optimum Aesthetics

We offer a dynamic range of colors and textures in our concrete resurfacing systems. Pigment, metallic, quartz, and flake options provide varying degrees of thickness and surface texture, offering designers the utmost flexibility when specifying a floor system. UV-stable resin technologies ensure lasting aesthetics.

Long-Lasting Durability

The cost of a flooring system can only be determined by its performance and durability over a length of time. While economical up front, many flooring systems provide brief service lives prior to chemical breakdown or delamination. We will customize a solution for the specific requirements of each application; including traffic conditions, mechanical wear, temperature exposure, chemical resistance, and slip resistance. Additionally, these systems have low maintenance costs – thereby providing a long, durable service life that results in minimal life cycle cost.

Concrete Resurfacing Chicago in pharmaceutical situationsHigh-Performance and Decorative Flooring Options:

  • High-strength polymer flooring
  • Variety of decorative options
  • Waterproofing membranes
  • Crack and joint repair materials
  • Polished concrete
  • Decorative concrete stains & dyes
  • Exterior concrete coloring & protection options

Benefits of concrete resurfacing:

  • Safe, environmentally friendly options
  • Durable finishes for the most demanding conditions
  • Low maintenance, long-lasting systems
  • Unlimited design capabilities
  • Clean air quality certificates
  • LEED certified processes