Concrete Resurfacing Solutions, Inc.


Concrete Resurfacing Solutions, Inc, 630-448-0317, Concrete Resurfacing Chicago, polished concrete, Polished concrete, granite or marble floors, Flake Floor, Quartz Floor, Metallic Floor,  HD Floor, Dye and Seal Concrete, CONCRETE POLISHING, Education, Food and Beverage,  Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Produce Stores, Healthcare industry, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Airplane Hangars, Garage Floors, Basement Concrete Floors, Epoxy FlooringPolished concrete is an excellent long-term investment. Here’s why…

Concrete polishing is cost-effective!

  • extremely durable and long-lasting
  • easy to clean – nothing more than a damp mop is required
  • scuff-resistant surface
  • no re-coatings required, saving labor and material costs

Polished concrete is beautiful!

  • allows the beauty of the aggregate to shine through
  • depending on composition, may create rustic look with imperfections
  • can be polished to a high gloss

Concrete Resurfacing Solutions can put your logo in a concrete polished floorPolishing concrete improves lighting!

  • the reflectivity of the polished surface brightens up the workspace
  • may save on cost of overhead lighting

Concrete polishing is environmentally friendly!