Concrete Resurfacing Solutions, Inc.


Concrete Resurfacing Solutions will give your retail stores and finished and professional appearance.Floors are an integral part of any design scheme, particularly for the retail sales environment. Customers’ eyes move throughout the entire retail environment, taking in the walls, products, signage – and also the floor. A worn-out or unattractive floor can create a negative impression, and it can also create a negative impact on sales. However, a high-quality flooring solution with an attractive combination of color, texture, and functionality can completely transform the design of a retail facility.


We offer flooring solutions in a wide variety of colors, designs, and textures – including unique metallic finishes – that can complement the existing design scheme and coordinate beautifully to create a lasting impression. Floors are transformed into something more than just a surface to walk across – they become an integral part of the overall design scheme.

In addition to being visually appealing, our seamless flooring solutions are easy to clean, exceptionally durable, and slip-resistant to help enhance safety for employees and customers. They also resist scratches and abrasions, and stand up well to the normal wear and tear that can quickly damage other floors.

No matter what the conditions of your retail environment, you can trust Concrete Resurfacing Solutions to provide a high- quality and cost effective solution.

Concrete Resurfacing Solutions in Chicago features polished concrete for retail stores as well as residences.Benefits of our Systems

  • Safe, environmentally friendly options
  • Durable finishes for the most demanding conditions
  • Low maintenance, long-lasting systems
  • Unlimited design capabilities
  • Clean air quality certificates
  • LEED certified processes

Just moving into a new retail space?

Even if your buildout requires removal of existing floors or you’re looking for nationwide consistency, we have a variety of overlayments to suit your needs, both functionally and aesthetically.