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Healthcare facilites of all sizes could benefit from polished concrete - Concrete Resurfacing Solutions Chicago can provide!Healthcare facilities of all sizes, from large metropolitan hospitals to small local medical offices, have the same basic concerns. They need cost effective ways to maintain a clean, safe, and sterile environment, yet one that is also aesthetically pleasing to patients and their families.

We understand that the flooring in a healthcare facility must be durable enough to stand up to 24/7 foot traffic; it must be slip-resistant for the safety of patients and staff alike; and it must be able to tolerate repeated exposure to aggressive cleaning and sanitizing products that are used daily in these environments. Not only do our systems provide all these benefits, the seamless design lacks the hard-to-clean grout lines of tile floors, which can also prove to be a common source for germs and bacteria to become trapped.

We offer a wide selection of colors and finishes to allow you to customize the finish to match the facility’s overall design scheme. The flooring systems are quick and easy to install, thus minimizing downtime and disruptions in the workflow of busy medical facilities.


Dialysis Centers

Medical treatment facilities such as dialysis centers require flooring that resists stains and is not harmed by aggressive cleaning and sanitizing products. Our epoxy floor coating delivers on this, plus it provides the slip-resistance necessary for safety. In addition, our fast-curing epoxy formula allows for faster installation, and that translates to less downtime for treatment facilities, which is often a scarce resource.

Concrete Resurfacing Solutions in Chicago provides polished concrete for dialysis centers, outpatient centers, operating rooms, and more!Ambulatory Care/Outpatient Centers

Ambulatory and outpatient care centers are busy places with high foot traffic and little time for extensive floor maintenance. Our epoxy floor systems are ideal for this type of facility, offering safe, slip-resistant flooring that wipes up easily after spills and requires little maintenance.

Operating Rooms

When you need fast installation of new flooring in an operating room or surgical suite, our fast-curing formula is an ideal choice. After installation, its low maintenance formula will ensure minimal downtime on an ongoing basis. In addition, our seamless design eliminates grout lines where germs and bacteria can become trapped, thus eliminating a common source of contamination in sterile surgical environments.


Our systems are the cost-effective solution to your flooring needs, saving on both time and materials from installation to maintenance. This slip-resistant epoxy product is durable enough to stand up to the constant foot traffic of a busy medical center.


Laboratory environments demand surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitize. Our systems have a seamless design that eliminates trapped bacteria, and they are not only stain resistant, but also able to tolerate aggressive cleaning products needed for sanitizing washdowns.

Mechanical Rooms

Mechanical rooms have special flooring requirements – a surface that is waterproof, chemical resistant, and safe. Our systems are the ideal choice for this demanding environment. We offer a waterproof and chemical-resistant epoxy flooring solution that is also slip-resistant and durable.

Restrooms/Locker Rooms

The cleanliness of the restroom is a reflection on the overall condition of the medical facility and affects the patient’s opinion of the level of health care they are receiving. We understand that, which is why our epoxy flooring systems are easy to clean, easy to maintain, and available in a wide range of colors and styles to fit any décor.