Concrete Resurfacing Solutions, Inc.


One of the fastest growing segments of concrete restoration is the “Dye & Seal” process, which creates a more natural appearance vs. the typical commercial looking solid color, flake or quartz broadcast epoxy systems.

One example of dye & seal process polished concrete done by Concrete Resurfacing Solutions in Chicago

This system is for those customers who are looking for a more natural concrete appearance and are not prepared to invest in a true polished concrete process. Unlike polished concrete, which requires a minimum of 8 steps to achieve a high gloss finish, the Dye & Seal system only requires a 3 to 4 step system, still preserving the natural beauty of concrete, sometimes for a fraction of the cost.

One example of dye & seal process polished concrete done by Concrete Resurfacing Solutions in Chicago

Common steps for this system are as follows…

  • Concrete Resurfacing Solutions performs the following steps when creating dye & seal process. Remove existing covering if necessary, such as carpet, vct, ceramic, etc.
  • Grind concrete with a 20 grit diamond segment to clean remaining contaminates, glues etc. and prepare concrete before patching cracks and holes if needed and desired.
  • Grind concrete with 60/80 grit diamond segment to remove heavier prep diamond scratches.
  • Apply non reactive stain or dye in single color applications and or multiple color patterns, logos, faux finish, etc. (Note: Colors are optional, a natural clear only is often desired.)
  • Apply two coats 100% solids clear epoxy and / or one coat epoxy and one coat urethane.
  • The colors are translucent and the coatings are clear so that the natural concrete components will still show through. Crack and joint repair are optional. Customers often like to leave cracks without repair to accent the natural look.

Concrete Resurfacing Solutions' Dye and Seal Concrete produces a natural look for polished concrete.As a natural look system, the condition of the concrete often dictates the final appearance of the finished product. If you are looking for a more natural floor finish look, please call for a free estimate!